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The Hottest, And Most Dangerous Toy, Of The Holiday Season

Local news affiliates from all around the country, like Philadelphia’s ABC 6, have been reporting on a serious outbreak of hoverboard related injuries. The hoverboard is a motorized self balancing scooter that was a popular gift this holiday season. Typically they range in price from around 300 to 500 dollars, but high end models can be significantly more expensive. Experts have been raising safety concerns about the hoverboard ever since the initial release of the product, and there has been an explosion of injuries in the recent months. If you, or your child, was injured on a hoverboard, please contact an experienced personal injury attorney to learn more about your legal rights and your legal options.


The United States Product Safety Commission is Studying Hoverboard Safety


Recently the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, a federal agency responsible for protecting consumers from unreasonably risky products, released an official statement pertaining to the safety of hoverboards. The statement from chairperson Elliot Kaye indicated that the agency’s experts will be investigating the risks of falls from hoverboards and the risk of hoverboard caused fires. Many serious fall related injuries have been reported, but the commission has also received reports that several hoverboards have caught fire while charging.


Product Liability Claims


It is beginning to become increasingly clear that hoverboards present an unreasonably dangerous risk for consumers. This is especially concerning because the product tends to be most popular with those under the age of 18. If you or your child has suffered a hoverboard injury, you may have a product liability claim. Typically, product liability claims fit into one of the three general categories:


  • Manufacturing Defect – A product with a manufacturing defect is a product that gets sold with significantly different aspects than the originally approved product design. This difference must be proven to have created additional risk for the consumer. If you have been injured by a hoverboard with a manufacturing defect, it means that your specific hoverboard was flawed, but hoverboards in general might still be reasonably safe.
  • Design Defect – A product with a defect design is a product that is inherently flawed. To prove a design defect, you must prove that the product could have used an alternative, and much safer, design. The amount of injuries caused by hoverboards have certainly raised the possibility that the design might be defective.
  • Labelling Defect – A labelling defect is more of a marketing and notification problem. Some products create some risks to consumers that are legally permissible. But, the company has a legal responsibility to properly market and label the product to adequately warn consumers about the potential safety risk.


Contact An Experienced Personal Injury Attorney 


Consumers who have suffered injuries due to product defects are entitled to full and fair compensation for their injuries. American consumers, especially children, must be protected from unreasonably dangerous products. An experienced personal injury attorney can help hold the responsible parties legally liable and can work to get you justice. If you have been injured by a hoverboard, or if you have any questions about product liability in general, please call an experienced Chicago personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

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